Glutalor CGM linked watch
  • Glucose readings for 7 days
  • Real-time readings & alerts
  • Direct display on mobile phone
  • Easy sensor placement
  • Share with your family
woman runnign with cgm
  • Convenient, no more finger sticking
  • Easy placement, no insertor needed
  • Factory pre-calibrated
  • Accurate, replace test strips
  • Tested, join other 50,000 patients
Representative CGM chart with different diet
  • High and low glucose alerts
  • Secure cloud data server
  • Share your profile with others
  • Easy access to your doctors real-time
  • Live monitoring customer service
Glutalor CGM's advantages
  • Advantages over marketed CGM poducts
  • Easy sensor placement
  • Real-time readings and alerts
  • True continuous glucose CGM
  • Competitive pricing and maintenance
CGM App records events
  • Manage glucose with your life style
  • Keep tracking medication, diet etc
  • Good for all types of diabetes
  • Great for pre-diabetes and fitness
  • Living healthy with diabetes
  • Automate manufacturing process